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    Default BBC Have Your Say

    Posting this as a new topic to get some attention to see what people here think. I was thinking that perhaps we could bombard the BBC's Have Your Say page with requests to cover the river navigation debate?

    You can SMS or MMS them on 61124, or contact them on Twitter

    It would probably need a coordinated effort in order that enough people contact them. Otherwise it would just be a damp squib with only the usual handful making an effort.

    Looking at it, Twitter may be a really good way to get their attention as they are constantly replying to people sending them stories etc. Perhaps it might be a way to start the ball rolling with the Olympics angle and how we are the some of the best at the world at Slalom, yet the ability to go on rivers is severely hampered.

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    Default P,f,l,o,p

    Yes Simon, sounds like a good path to follow, if we are to get our view point known.

    If as many paddlers, and other interested party's, contacted the Beeb over say a month, then if we got no response
    try again, a few months later, until they took notice.

    Just a thought.

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    I'm up for it. How should we approach it then?
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