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    Started cutting out section moulds today. Finally on the way, but having some doubts wether this ever will be a canoe.

    I have a question to all strip builders. Does any body now a online retailer, in the EU preferably, who sells a cove and bead router bit? The only ones I've found here locally are crap and will take a lot of modification to for satisfactory. I know one sea kayaks sells some, but the were a tad expensive. Also found a canadian company, but there must surely be someone closer?


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    Wealden Tool Company in the UK part nos T2515 & T2514, I have a pair and can vouch for their quality, they are only a quarter inch shank, but for Western Red Cedar and the minimal amount of timber you will be removing to bead and cove quarter inch thick strips they are more than adequate. Prices are pretty good too compared to others

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    Thanks a lot! I will contact them.

    I will be using spruce instead of western red cedar, since it's so much cheaper and have comparable characteristics. Quarter inch shanks is what I will use, so that was appropriate.

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    Is this what you are looking for,

    I find Trend bits excellent, but not always cheap.

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    Axminster Power Tools have roughter bits with various shanks .Beware once you get thier catalog your credit card will take a pounding!There are tools in there that you have wanted for years.Their prices are excelent and the advice on their technical helpline is superb.
    And No I don,t work for them!
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    You might want to try these too. THey have some good deals on all things wood work and have a mail order base in Bakewell, in the Peak District.

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    Default router bits

    got my cutters from the states - $38 ish pair, plus a bit of duty

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    Default Router Cutters

    I'm a fan of Wealden personally, ceretainly better than the economy Axminster range. Axminster also sell CMT they are good. Trend craft range are OK but not nearly as good as their professional range. But for Cedar you will be ok with any cutter don't forget you can sharpen them up with a dismond hone on the inside faces only though.
    Anybody tried pattern routing cove and bead ?
    Can you do the Funky Gibbon?

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