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    I have just taken my first self build boat on the water. I have paddled plastics for a number of years and so this was a new experience. I was shocked and nearly capsized as it is only 11ft long and 28ins wide so the stability is totaly different. It took me a while to relax and find its resting point, the strong waves and wind probably did not help my situation.

    I know people have been going on about the weight etc for years but it was markedly quicker and so nice not to have killed myself getting it off the roof of the car down to the water.

    I have read a few threads but any tips on reinforcing the hull would be appreciated.


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    Question self build

    28 ins wide and 11 ft long is definatly a small canoe ,you are in for a steep and wet learning curve.As for reinforcement of the hull it rather depends on how you built your canoe and how you intend to use it?

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    Hi Buzz,

    Any pics?

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    Do you mean strengthening the hull? Hull reinforcement is usually done while still building. Often a north american "football" shaped piece placed under the main glss on the bottom of the hull to increase strength. Is your boat oil canning?

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