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    Just a quick post recommending the use of a hammock for camping. My son sometimes takes one of our canoes on a brief canoe camping expedition, and uses a hammock and tarp. Rivers generally have plenty of trees, and a canoeist can camp unobtrusively almost anywhere. I have camped a number of times with hammock and tarp, and can recommend it as a superb way to travel light and sleep well outdoors. My hammock is a "Tenth Wonder", about the cheapest on the market, and fantastic value for money, and my tarp is a "DD" which is cleverly designed to be incredibly versatile.

    "Hennessy" hammocks are an upmarket version, said to be brilliant, although I could never afford one. They are insect proof, and entered from below through a velcro entrance, which makes them very easy to use.

    Anyone out there tried hammock camping from a canoe ?

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    I haven't tried hammock camping from a canoe but that is my plan once I build my self a canoe. At the moment I try to camp out once a month in my hammock. Best nights sleep ever. I have a DD Frontline and DD tarp.

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    99% of my trips are hammock camping, sometimes if we push on over to the coastal lochs I'll pack and bivvy or 1 man tent for the beach camps.

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    My son and I are trying out hammock and tarps for thru-hiking. Usually in a canoe, weight is less of an issue, so a tent is the way to go. However, I'm starting to really like the comfort of being up off the ground.

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    Yea I Hammock canoe

    I have a better view from my video footage but i need to compress it some more. Tarp over the top of my washing line and hammock it had been a very wet night. I love sleeping in the hammock once you get used to it its a great nights sleep. I have a
    Midge proof which I can truley claim as the little buggers were running trying hard to get in I have modifyed it a little with paracord and better zip pulls also in the under section i put the foam kneeling sheets from the canoe to act a thermal break. And of course my Yukon fire box )))

    With sargasso tarp best money I ever spent.

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