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Thread: Aquatic Pursuits KY2 Pioneer 2 man inflatable kayak review

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    Default Aquatic Pursuits KY2 Pioneer 2 man inflatable kayak review

    OK, here's the first thing you need to know I'm new to inflatable kayaking but used to do quite a lot of standard kayaking back in my youth. You should also know that I paid 165 for this including delivery.

    Now here's what I think of the KY2, in order of importance to me:

    The KY2 tracks really well. It has 2 keels/skegs on the bottom of it (one towards the front and one towards the back). It feels as though I'm in control the whole time and it goes where you intend it to go (or where your stroke takes you). It tracks well when I paddle solo (with the seat adjusted so that I'm positioned towards the centre of the kayak), and also when I have my 4yr old daughter in there and when I'm much more towards the back.

    It is strong. And it is quite heavy. As I've said before, I have no experience of other inflatable kayaks but I can tell you from what I've read this is almost certainly stronger and heavier than any of inflatable in this price bracket. I can't tell you what is covered in, but it is a very thick protective shell over the inflatable bladders (which are removable). Granted, it doesn't look the greatest finish in all aspects of workmanship but frankly that's just not important to me. Everything seems to be solid and secure. I sense that this will take scuffs, scrapes and scratches to a decent degree and simply keep going. It is of course very stable.

    It is comfortable. It comes with two supportive seats that clip onto the reinforced hooks. They are not inflatable seats, they are proper seats that you can adjust. I have a bit of a dodgy back at the moment and when I was out the other day the seat provided plenty of support. It also means that the energy you create is transferred into the kayak's hull propelling you forward rather than absorbed into an inflatable seat (such as those that some competitors use). The seats also come with detachable drinks holders and storage pockets which can be hooked onto the back of the seats if you want.

    It doesn't take very long to set up at all. I'm sure I was on the river within 15-20 minutes of arriving in my car. It's easy to set up.

    It comes with everything you need except buoyancy aid. Yep, it comes with foot pump and includes two paddles. Granted the paddles aren't great but it's a bonus. I'll probably buy a proper paddle but at least I can take these for spares in case of accidents! It also comes with replacement/spare valve, repair patches, bag (which the kayak and most of the equipment fits into) and small drybag. It's unbelievable really.
    (By the way, if anyone does buy this and finds the paddles twist even when you've secured them together, I found that putting a layer or two of electrical tape onto the paddle blade before inserting it into and securing the locking attachment stopped the twisting action).

    I have had great fun in it and my 4 year old daughter loves it. I'm sure that there are better inflatable kayaks/canoes out there on the market - but you've got to consider the budget that this kayak is in and look at the competition in the price bracket of a KY2 to give a fair comparison. Frankly I'd be amazed if there was an inflatable kayak at this price that was anything like as strong, comfortable, easy and as enjoyable as this. I wouldn't waste my money on one of the competition's inflatable lilos. This is easily the best value for money for anything I've bought in a while.

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    Default Techie stuff

    Here's the techie stuff:

    Length: 420cm
    Width: 80cm
    Recommended Max. Load: 175kg
    Side Tube Diameter 30cm
    Outer skin fabric thickness 1.2mm
    Working pressure 0,12bar

    Length of assembled paddles provided 220cm
    Paddle blade size 34cm x 15cm

    And an update since my review:
    I'm still really enjoying the KY2 after several outings since the purchase. Still just as positive in my assessment of it as I was in the review; and I've even come round to paddles, which are fine really for what I'm doing in it. And I'm still just as chuffed with it overall and so pleased I opted for this over my other options! Despite this being a 2-man kayak I've only ever been the only paddler, and have mostly been out on it by myself (my daughter is less keen than I am). I am planning doing some touring next year because it means there will be plenty of room for my tent and other stuff.
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    Yey! I'm not alone! Inflatables allowed in the Open Canoe scene!
    I have a couple of Sevylor X1/K1 inflatables which I've used for quite a few years for surf, sea & 3+ rivers!
    Despite my second boat having to be replaced as a whole (Thanks to Brookbank Canoes in Stockport) due to "stainless" lashing rings rusting through & destroying the hull, I'd recomend them to anyone with limited space at home or in/on their vehicles! Bizzarely the other boat is a couple of years older & has never had a problem! (touch wood!)
    Your boat looks like the two man version, de-badged, & if it is..... bombproof fun for years!
    My only things to pass on are: wash it down as often as you can & use a pressure guage when pumping it up, they really wont stand regular over inflating!
    Thanks for sharing your review,
    Safe paddling!

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    Great review.
    Where did you buy it from?

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    Thanks. I bought it from Aquatic Pursuit's ebay shop. Their website is at but it looks like they're out of stock of both the one and two man versions of this. You might be able to contact them through their website if you're interested.
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    Informative review, thank you.
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