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    Hi there
    just a few lines , from sca get in down to Tully we never seen anyboby else paddling we were on the water for about 4 hours the level was ok ideal for training , afternoon seen the arrival of the scottish team for a we bit of slalom they were niping in and out of gates without any hint of effort, we must have looked a sight puffing and panting,faces red ,bodies contorted in every possible posistion ,sweat runing down our faces, and a lot and that was only getting in the boats , who said canoeing was more gracefull than kayaking
    still we had a great day
    cheers Greytowel

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    Default the royal we

    Is that the royal 'we', or did you get some other takers for the venture?

    Not that I'm jealous of course, I was biking with two girlie blonds that day. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The presence of my dear wife in addition to the blonds kept me firmly on terra firma.
    If it wasn't for the rain in our lives there would be no rivers. X 2

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