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Thread: Royal canal, sunday

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    Default Royal canal, sunday

    I learnt to Kayak as a 10 year with my father on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, and have had an affinity for canals ever since, a place of recreation; walking, canoeing, cycling and fishing, but with an immense industrial history and some amazing feats of industrial engineering. I even lived a while with a garden backing the Lancaster Canal in Preston, but no canoe at the time, tsch. Canals and pubs also seem to attarct each other, another plus in my book.

    Living now in Ireland the Royal canal is my local (25 minutes drive). I had spent many many hours here last year training for a cross ireland trip, and much of this training in frost and cold. But it is a beautiful canal. Running through the heart of Ireland and joining some lovely small towns like a string of beads. Crossing countryside, peat bogs and woodland. I hadnt been back for some time; recent trips on rivers and lakes.

    Sunday was forecast 'moderate to fresh' winds (blowing a gale) and 'scattered showers' (these words ring fear in us all but appear in nearly every irish forecast), so i planned to go out early evening when the wind dropped. However by 2.30 pm it hadnt rained, the sun shone and the wind was 'wimpy to moderate' so we went for it. And what a beautiful day.

    Put in at the lovely 'Hill of Down' south of Trim and headed south. The railway runs parallel to the canal here, and the pub is sandwiched inbetween, we canoed for about 3 hours with a 10 minute rest and covered some 15km, going to Moyvalley and back. The fish were swarming, perch, pike, and the banks full of orchids. Flat calm and we moved at a fast pace, in a few points the weed (i call it canal cabbage not sure what its real name is)/reeds/lilies almost clogged the canal. A few walkers and few friendly fisherists. Here are some photos not sure if they work it keeps coming up invalid url when i use the image button and photobucket so i post links instead;

    The amusingly named boat 'passing wind'

    The viaduct over the river Boyne and view down the boyne (transfer possible but difficult- multiday trip springing to mind)

    Some of the two types of orchid

    Meara at the front

    Ah happy days............

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    Hi Owen, that does indeed look like a great canal for paddling, I've never been on it but it is certainly been added to the list. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, itts these blogs that help inspire some of us to just get out more. Cheers Geoff
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    Hi Owen,
    I note that you have not been active on this site for exactly two years, but are you still in Athboy and still canoeing?
    My wife and myself recently bought our first canoe, a 17 foot Canadian, and have already had some great times with it. We live in Skerries so decided to give it an inaugural paddle on the Boyne at Navan. The next day we did Trim to Navan and would have made it without mishap if we hadn't capsized on a weir (I don't know the name) about a mile upstream of Navan. No harm done, buoyancy aids worn, river warm and change of clothes in the car at haul out. A couple of days ago we did the trip again, and to our delight made it without tipping at all.
    We're off tomorrow to do a bank based recce of the Navan to Slane stretch (taking the canoe to have a paddle somewhere afterwards).
    If you're still active and interested it would be good to hook up and share experiences and for us to pick your brains.

    Boyne river rat

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