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Thread: old REAL caone sailing

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    Default old REAL caone sailing

    dont know if anyone has seen this before, but it shows how it should be done
    never mind the modern gear for sailing

    hope the link works as ive never done this before
    nature is m X-box

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    Owning an old wooden Enterprise which was built in 1967, I am half way familiar with sailing methods of the mid 20th century, but I'm not sure much has really changed if I'm honest.
    Sure composite monohulls have replaced plywood and the like, but the basic principles of sailing have been around for thousands of years. The latest materials simply allow the boats to be stronger & lighter offering more speed, but getting our wooden Enterprise up on the plane can be just as exciting as taking a Laser2 out on a windy day. Sure the Enterprise will be travelling at 1/3 the speed, but it's a tippy boat with 113 square foot of sail on a 14 foot hull and getting wet in a wooden boat built in 1967 is a real prospect!

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