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    Talking Eureka Canoe Build Blog

    Hi chaps,
    I am a first time canoe builder, writing a blog about my experiences building from Storer's Eureka plans. Its hull is made from 5 strips of 5mm ply and I am informed it is simple and easy to build - I guess we shall see

    Just one post so far - interesting bits still to come.

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    Hi Shockandoar, welcome to the site. Looks like you have a good old pile of canoe planks there! Just wait til you start stitching and see a boat emerge out of the flat, wobbly bits of wood. It's a great feeling.

    If you get stuck on something, ask on here - they're a great bunch and I had lots of questions and subsequent advice when I was building my boats.

    Good luck with the build.


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    Great stuff! have fun with the build and may your days be warm (but not too warm) and your epoxy runny (but not too runny)

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    im at that stage too- bulkheads! me and my dad are building one in our garage. it's so beautiful! and now my garage looks more like a boat shed/workhouse

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