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Thread: Making beef jerky

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    Default Making beef jerky

    Anyone know how to make beef jerky?

    Thought I might give it go!

    (If it involves sun-drying that might be a problem as I live in Scotland and it's February!)


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    Jim H Does
    And very nice it is too. He brought some to the LL meet at the begining of last year.

    Or Look Here

    Or Here
    I Started out with nothing! and i still have most of it left.

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    way I do it... as posted on BCUK is to cut very thin strips of frying steak or even braising steak and hang them on the oven grills via toothpicks, after seasoning them with whatever I fancy.

    Late up a the fan oven to about 100* then turn all the way down when you put the meat laden grills in. prop the door open a little with the handle of a wooden spoon or something similar and go to bed.

    Next morning check and if dried remove, if not leave the meat for a few hours more.

    try not to eat it all in one sitting like I often do.

    that reminds me, I'd better get some going for the Lakes meet
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