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    As I write, Reporting Scotland have announced that there is to be a u turn on speed restrictions for power boats and wet bikes on Loch Lomond.

    The gist...

    Officials at the Loch Lomond National Park Authority have abandoned plans for a speed restriction across the main body of the loch.
    Instead they will extend the existing shoreline 7mph limit to the islands off Luss and some other environmentally important areas.

    The speed limit for the majority of the loch would remain at 56mph.

    Full story...
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    Well at least it means I do not need to slow down my paddle stroke

    Actually I have a degree of sympathy for the users of the powered craft. It is a big Loch so if there is no room for them to go fast there, what chance have they got elsewhere.

    As with most people it is the Jet-skiers that are the most inconsiderate.

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    Susan and I were on Loch Lomond on Saturday. We were heading to the island Inchmoan when a biggish boat passed 150 metres in front of us. I don't think it was going particularilly fast but it created a huge wake. We paddled the canoe to face directly into the oncoming wake. We hit the first wave, then splash The second wave came straight into the boat putting about 2 inch depth of water.

    It just made me think about the benefit of speed limits both to canoes but also to shorelines.

    I am also wondering if this boat was one of a new style of boat which is designed to create a huge wake - specifically for wake boarding.

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    Paddling out on the sea a lot, big fast boats are a given ...

    There is a 5 knot limit, marked out by buoys, but 5 mtrs over that [notional] line and it appears that you can hit it with whatever you've got, and being in Torbay that often means a Sunseeker under full load, which is what > ~900hp now ?

    At least there is lots of room in the sea, and if you are deep enough, it kinda rolls through under you - still alarming tho' as they stack up fast. They are big enough to see, but at speed they come up fast. Jetskiers are another problem, but at least you can hear them !

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