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Thread: Sailing Rig - Snake River 12'

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    Default Sailing Rig - Snake River 12'

    Spent a few hours rigging my Snake River solo boat a week ago.

    I used Endless River, sail, mast foot and pole. I was abit worried about the strength of the mast foot, as its made out of plastic coated canvas and folds down when not in use. I must saw that its an awesome design, although the glue takes 28 hours to fully cure!

    I made a simple adjustable leeboard whitch enables upwind sailing but only on a close reach, which I am happy with as I didnt really expect that!

    I have not opted for a rudder as I just use the paddle although I have only sailed it in f2-3.

    I wonder if a rudder would be essential in stronger winds?

    It does really move, especially on a broad reach

    Its a bit tricky sailing on the Thames but the only option around my way

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    Default The rig in action

    It seemed to be going well but the wind was not playing ball so dave packed the sail up and we carried on paddling upstream.....until a bridge had to be passed,he entered the bridge smack in the middle then a quick gust of wind caught the boat pushing it sideways,the top of the mast made contact with the over board

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    Its funny..........I am certain that my mast went under that bridge last time

    Its certainly summer noe though! That water didnt even feel slightly cold

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