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Thread: Tidal Dart 03-02-06

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    Heading for a day's paddle on the Dart on Fri. 3rd Feb. I'll be leaving Stoke Gabriel about 10.ish and taking in Bow creek, Totnes and possibly Dittisham, coming back to SG for 15-16:00 having a fry up brunch/lunchtime ish, and then maybe a pint. If anyone's around and fancys some company see you there.

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    Grrr, I'll spare you a thought from the office ...

    If anyone needs a reason to paddle this bit of the River, on your way back to the millpond you'll paddle this (Bow creek is just upstream a bit).

    ... this is the view looking down towards Dittisham.

    These pictures were taken from just past the creek at Stoke Gabriel on Sunday the 27th of January, at about 1700 ...

    Have a nice trip (he says grimmacing).

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