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Thread: Late one - River Dart Sat 27th.

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    Default Late one - River Dart Sat 27th.

    Ok, I know it's only tomorrow, but the Dart looked ideal as I was in town today (without a boat of course ...), and as Saturday isn't now going off as I'd previously planned, I'm going to try to dab a boat in the river tomorrow.

    1220'ish high water, so I plan to be in at Longmarsh, for 0930 or closesly there abouts - trip downstream for a bit, stop for tea, then back home to Longmarsh again by mid tide. The weather forecast looks good, but if it's heavy wind on the day, I won't bother.

    Sometimes my plans get pushed aside by circumstance and don't come off, but it looked lovely for a paddle today, so if it's the same tomorrow, it'll be great. If I don't make it in the end - have a nice day anyway.

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    Should be on the Loop from late morning (meet Newbridge 10.00), probably drop down to Buckfastleigh.

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