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Thread: Irish Canoe Classics by Eddie Palmer and Tony Monaghan; A Review

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    Default Irish Canoe Classics by Eddie Palmer and Tony Monaghan; A Review

    Irish Canoe Classics
    Thirty-four great canoe & kayak trips
    By Eddie Palmer and Tony Monaghan

    When this book arrived I eagerly opened the package hoping that there would be at least a couple of trips that I would recognise. Inside the front cover I saw a map with about 7 red circles in the north, some of which I’d actually paddled, and I knew then that I could make an informed comment.
    As well as 34 numbered circles depicting the trips, it also has Airports and Ferry terminals clearly marked for anyone coming from "abroad".

    The authors have divided the book into four sections, using the ancient provinces of Ulster, Munster, Connaught and Leinster, which avoids any political debate. Although they refer to the difference between North and South when it comes to the dreaded “Access” issue as the two countries differ in that respect.

    The layout of the book is excellent with each trip described in detail, some photos taken along the way, but more importantly the information you need to plan your trip. Details like, which OS map you need, directions and time required to do the shuttle, and also what Hazards and Portages to look out for. There is a map for the trip showing Start and Finnish points with six figure map references, and portages are marked too.

    The actual description gives good detail and I can see the book being carried on the trip to be referred to either as you travel, or round the campfire in the evening.

    This book is an essential piece of kit for both local paddlers and tourists from further afield. There is something for everyone, as the trips are varied from one day river trips to week long river-lake combinations and even sea paddles on coasts and estuaries.

    As the authors say at the beginning, this not meant to be a comprehensive guide, rather a collection of some of the routes they have travelled. But it’s a really good starting point and I thoroughly recommend it.

    It has all the information you need to inspire you to get out and go paddling, and I know I intend to do as many of the trips as I can over the next few years.

    You can get a sneak preview here.

    Thank you Eddie and Tony, this book is definitely a "Classic" as far as I'm concerned.
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    Sounds like this may become as popular as the Scottish one. I Know it is where many people start planning their trips when they want to do their first trip here. Looks like this may fill that role for Ireland.

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    Does look good!

    Must get hold of a copy, I'm sure it'll inspire me to visit.

    BTW Amazon says it isn't available yet? Do you know when it's out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crow View Post
    Does look good!

    Must get hold of a copy, I'm sure it'll inspire me to visit.

    BTW Amazon says it isn't available yet? Do you know when it's out?
    You can get it direct form the Pesda Press online shop:


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    Should be an interesting read, even if you never go to Ireland.

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    If its as good as the Scottish version, it will be excellent.
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