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    This was my first 'proper' paddle and I have been using it for about a year now

    Shaft Dimensions 1.1" x 1.06"
    blade length/width 22"/6.75
    Blade area 125sq in with 3 laminations
    Urethane Tip
    Average weight 22oz

    in 2009 it was about 40, 2010 it is nearer 50 but that still puts it at the budget end of paddles. It is a fairly basic Bass wood paddle that is very light in weight with a good degree of flex. The blade is neither a white water nor deep water design and is part of Grey Owls 'recreational' range. It comes with a healthy sized plastic tip to protect it in shallow water

    Sitting at the lower end of canoe paddles puts this one up against the Wooden Carlisles and the Ainsworth Alloy shaft plastic paddle. For my money the Grey Owl scored best because it is lighter then the Ainsworth and much nicer to use but does not have the strength/robustness you might want in a white water paddle. Compared to Carlisle paddles it seems better made and finished, in particular the handle shaping and varnish of the Grey Owl stood out. I wasnt in a position to judge if their was much to choose in the wood/manufacture quality

    The other similar paddle is the Grey Owl Tenderfoot which is a deep water design with a smaller paddle area, so more aimed at the smaller paddler I suspect. And less of an all round paddle

    When buying mine I went through half a dozen paddles in the shop to find one with a good smooth handle varnish. The machining of the wood seems very predictable (these are mass produced on machines) but the varnish does vary a bit with some bubbles and uneveness

    What I really like about it is the lightness and flex, I still have an Ainsworth as a spare paddlle in the boat and it feels so heavy and dead in comparison (reckon I will always buy wooden paddles form now on). Recently while looking at hardwood deep water paddles I was amazed to find most of them where heavier than this one too. In terms of paddling it works find in my novice hands, it slices well enough but doesnt have a fine edge to it

    After a year of use only the varnish is showing any sign of damage, mostly on the shaft where it gets pryed off the gunwale. The resin tip has a few marks but years of life left in it. It will probably be a number of years of my use before it needs any real maintainence - so for 40 I think that is good value

    At 50 it starts to look a litle expensive but you have to compare it with the competition, and I dont think there is much
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