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    Hello all. Just to say hi. Seems like a big friendly group of like minded people. I am very new to this having decided at 56 that it is time to try something that for many years have thought about. Not bought a boat yet just trying a couple out. How very easy some of you make it look and how difficult I found it. To make a 16ft canoe do what I wanted it to on a very windy evening had me smiling and puffing. Hope I may be able to glean some info. So if you see a bloke on Notts waters making a total hash of it and going straight in front of your bow, smile it may be me.

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    Hi and welcome, Freelander.

    Hey we were all there once. And some of us still are!

    Hope you enjoy it here and your boat whwn you get it.

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    Default Hello and welcome

    from me too,i also hope you enjoy the forum and benefit from the knowledge in here.It is plentiful and tapped on the asking,enjoywillie
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    Default Welcome

    Good to have you along for the trip.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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    Welcome! You can't learn to paddle (or swim....) on dry land. You're doing the right thing - as long as you're out there, the technique will come.

    There's always the coaching option, of course, nowadays. But, when I started doing this, back when the Earth's crust was still cooling, there was no such thing as a 'coach' for canoeists - we just learned by doing, listening, watching - no reason that still can't be the case.

    Just for now, though, you might want to stick to quiet water when the wind is calm...

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    Hi and Welcome

    Pretty new here myself, and I agree there are lots of friendly, helpful people here.

    Seems youve landed at the right place.


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    Good on ya.

    You know the scene were John Cleese gives his car a "bloody good thrashing"? Well, that was the relationship I had with my boat when I first started. The boat also hit me back though!

    You'll have it sussed out in no time.

    Good luck,


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