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Thread: Cooking tripod and fire box.

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    Default Cooking tripod and fire box.

    Due to ill health and a couple of other situations, the mind has been willing but the body not in regards to all things canoe related. While the body recovered the mind has been quite active taking in little bits of information from this site. It has resulted in a long list of things to try, places to paddle and things to make. I have managed to get out on the water again. This time up in Scotland during the first two weeks of June. The amount of fire scars that are covering some areas (in one area 5 all within 3 feet of each other) got me fired up, will stop before I rant.

    The Trangia set is OK and served us well but, there is something about seeing a real flame when cooking out in the wilds. I always try to leave as little sign of me being there as possible. This got me thinking and I remembered a blog on here about using a cooking tripod and a fire box. I have since completed both, they are at the tweaking and improving stage. I am open to feed back and any ideas.

    Fire box

    The fire box is made from an old ammunition box and all the bits and pieces pack away inside.

    The box is on legs to avoid scorching the ground below. This will be tested on my own lawn first.

    The fuel door open, with air/ash holes in the base. The pot supports are scrap/off cuts of stainless steel tube with notches cut to save them rolling off. I got carried away and added a chimney at the back, more later on that.

    I thought about a metal plate to help spread the heat to save hot spots when cooking or may even reduce a boil to a simmer? Will have to get a better fitting top plate and I knew there was a reason for the chimney. As yet the concept of the plate has yet to be tested.

    A single spirit burner (Trangia) or two will sit on the suspended metal plate. For times when it is either unsafe to set the fire due to prolonged dry spell causing tinder like conditions, or impracticable to gather tinder and fuel or more likely too wet.

    Cooking tripod

    The cooking tripod is again made from scrap, or as I call it the useful pile.

    Tripod kit broken down into individual sections ready for transporting. Next project to make some sort of carrying system.

    Cooking Tripod set up. Can be used over an open fire or even Fire Box. The pot support chain has three legs so that pots or racks can be suspended.

    A close up of the pin used to set the height. I had many attempts to try and come up with something simple but effective that did not fall out either into the fire or pot below. The chain with pin and suspended cooking pot/rack can be easily removed from the tripod to enable mixing/turning/serving away from the heat source.

    The pin can be seen to stay in its position. I would like to claim the credit for this clever bit of bent wire. The idea came from an old tool belt that had an attachment for hanging rolls of insulation tape from.

    The next step is to carry out some tests on both fire box and cooking tripod. Then make any modifications before taking them out on the next trip.

    Thank you for looking.
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    Default Tiny pictures

    Those pictures are just a little too small to see whats going on clearly but other wise the fire-box looks great (pun not intended but now that I spot it )

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