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    This paddle is a typical laminated multi-wood paddle with a "classic" grip, composite tipped wide flat ended blade and a round shaft. The paddle is varnished and considering it's low price, well finished and durable, It's not heavy and so far has taken the knocks well and doesn't look too bad after about a dozen outings. I intend to use it as a shallow water paddle when I might get some bumps and scrapes and for light white water (Grade I/II).

    My only criticism is that the edges are not very fine so there is some turbulence when I slice it forwards, and the blade flutters a bit under fullpower. But overall, extremely good value for money - I picked this 57 inch paddle up for $35 in the USA in a large sports store.


    ...... and now trying to learn how to paddle properly
    ........... But where are the open boaters in the East of England ?

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    Default Dimensions & Weight

    Approximate dimensions for those who are interested :

    Weight 750 g 27 oz

    Total length 1448 mm 57 ins
    Grip length 76 mm 3 ins
    Shaft length 813 mm 32 ins
    Shaft diameter 32 mm 1.25 ins
    Blade length 559 mm 22 ins
    Blade width 178 mm 7 ins
    Blade edge thickness 6 mm 0.25 ins
    ........... But where are the open boaters in the East of England ?

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