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Thread: Hi from Wiltshire!

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    Default Hi from Wiltshire!

    Hi Everyone,

    After spending the last couple of days looking at all the very helpful information on here, I thought I had better introduce myself!

    My partner and I have recently moved down south to the wilts/dorset border from Manchester and are loving it down here!

    We went to a beach in dorset and parked next to a couple who were inflating a kayak! - well that did it, as soon as we got back home we were on the internet and have decided to invest in a Sevylor Colorado and are now searching around to find the best price. Looking forward to many adventures on our inflatable! - If anyone knows of any good places to canoe around wiltshire and dorset, please let me know


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    Default Hello and welcome

    to prospective pump hull paddlers,enjoywillie
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    Hello & Welcome from up the M3 in Surrey!

    Having spent a few years in Salisbury I know how nice it is down there.

    The Colorado is a good boat - I used to have one, but have now given it to my parents, having bought a Prospector. However, for coastal use, the Colorado is much better than an open canoe for a bit of fun in the waves in good conditions, as long as safety is foremost.
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    Default Welcome

    Another pumphull to the fold.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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