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Thread: good evening and info on the varenne

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    Default good evening and info on the varenne

    Hi I've been a member for a while but his is my first post. I've been paddling a we-no-nah prospector for three years and prior to that a pelican with wife and kids plus various combinations of kids' friends! All this in the UK so far but this summer we are off to Normandy for a couple of weeks and as there happens to be room on the roofrack the canoes are coming too (my eight year old son has a SOT). The nearest river to where we are going in domfront is the varenne. looks ok on google earth but any first hand reports as to its paddleability or any other nearby rivers would be good! John
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    Default Welcome

    Good to have you along for the trip. Sorry about the late 'Welcome' and no help from me on your trip. Hope it's a good one.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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