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Thread: FS Brown hammock underquilt / blankets

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    Default FS Brown hammock underquilt / blankets

    Just got another length of brown ripstop in. I have two sewn up and ready to fill. Spec as per the last ones. More or less down can be added if required -

    Construction is brown ripstop nylon. Brown gutterman 100% polyester thread. 220g of 800 fill goose down (no feathers). Black grosgrain suspension points inc additional side pts for use with asymmetric hammocks.

    This is a 3/4 quilt. Size approx = 108cm and 130cm long

    Total weight 480g. Packs to the size of a melon. 55 posted

    My mate has seen active service in Afghanistan and uses a hennessy hammock. He's been using one of my 1st hammock quilts for some time. The one I have for sale is one of three that I have made over the last few days. Two will be off to Helmand provence shortly. He wanted a lightweight quilt that was also tough, packed small and was not green or black. The brown is not quite coyote brown but is close. Its a little richer, my mate reckons it will be spot on for the terrain. The pics have been taken indoors with a flash and make the quilt look much more orange than it does in natural light.

    This shot was taken outside with natural light.

    I have also sewn the quilt so that it curves very slightly. I have a similar curved setup that works well for diagonal and side sleepers alike whilst still being good for those that sleep straight down the centre of the hammock.

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    Here's Green Arrows UQ moments after completion -

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