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    I've been having a discussion with Oarsnpaddle about the Frisport Skogshorn Extreme lavvu so I thought I'd write a short review about it.

    The lavvu comes in 2 bags, one for the lavvu, top hat and pegs and the other containing the pole whose sections fit within one another:

    The lavvu bag is a compression sack similar to those for sleeping bags. Without compression it's about the size of an uncompressed sleeping bag, but considerably heavier.

    The pole is heavy duty aluminium and comes in 5 sections that slot into one another. the lavvu is pretty easy to set up, but because it doesn't have an integral groundsheet getting the right spacing between all the corners can be a bit tricky, but once you get used to it the process is straightforward. The footprint of the lavuu is pentagonal. I can put it up in about 5 minutes on my own (as long as the wind isn't too strong). Once it's set up, the immediate impression you get is its size.

    The version I have has not got the inner tent which is an optional extra. I've camped in it in late winter and spring, and with a fire inside I've been perfectly comfortable. Other additional options include a midge net door and midge top hat. I've used these on the west coast and not had any problems from the bitey things getting inside.

    The Lavuu is made of rip-stop coated nylon - the outer being a dark green and the inner is aluminised. All seams are taped on the inside. Inside it's not dark, more shady really. With the top hat off and the doors open there's plenty of light. Obviously with the top hat on and the doors closed its darker, but not oppressively so. The top hat allows you to make a chimney to draw smoke out of the tent - I've been in the rain with no top hat on, but a fire going and not much rain gets in. As I've no inner tent you can get some condensation on the inside of the tent in the morning, but it's nothing to worry about.

    At the rear of the Lavvu, there are 2 vents - each is covered with midge netting and has a drawstring closure on the inside. Outside each there is a covered vent.

    There are peg loops on all corners and mid points around the skirt of the lavvu. All the peg loops are webbing tape with friction adjusters so you can peg the edge right to the floor. On the bottom edge there is a more heavy duty valance which directs rainwater from the edge of the lavuu.

    Around the lavvu there are 2 sets of stabilising guys, an upper level and a lower level. If you're short like me the upper level is hard to reach once the lavuu is set up. Like all Lavuus the Skogshorn does feel the effect of winds, so I'd recommend putiing out all the guys unless you're in a shletered spot, but of course with all the guys out the footprint does get larger.


    It's a heavy beast - fine for canoeing or in a car, but not the sort of thing you'd carry on your back!

    The rain valance on the bottom edge does not have eyelets to peg it to the ground. This is easily remedied by putting in some of your own (as I have), or using stones to hold the edge down.

    No inner tent as standard - I've not found this to be a problem though.

    No midge netting as standard - midge doors are zip in and there's a midge hat - I'd recommend these if you're on the west coast of Scotland.

    High and susceptible to winds - not a problem if you site carefully and peg out properly, but this applies to all lavvus really.


    Acres of room, you can stand up and have a walk round. Camp beds fit inside. You don't have to live your life in a Z shape and dress/undress on the floor!

    Can have an open fire inside - just perfect!

    Easy to set up and very well made.

    Great for socialising, family groups, trips etc.

    I got mine from Jed Yarnold at TrueNorth -

    Like everyone else, I really like my Lavvu, and tend to think the best of it - I've seen other makes, but never lived in them, so I can't make any like for like comparisons against other Lavvus. All I can say is that mine has never let me down, and I've been really pleased with it.

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    Excellent, Gweedo!

    I have ordered my Norefjell Ekstrem - the smaller rectangular cousin - and it should be here tomorrow!

    These photos along with our talk puts me at ease. I think I made the right choice, both of the brand but also size-wise.

    Thanks a bunch

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