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Thread: Spork, possable group buy

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    Default Spork, possable group buy

    Soa a friend on BritishBlades and BushcraftUk is looking into doing a group buy of Sporks.

    Either the one in the link or the snow peak equivalent. Obviously the price would be less than the link otherwise there would be no point in him going ahead with the group buy.

    I have a snow peek spork and use it a lot outdoors. I find it really handy but some people do not. It seems to be a thing you either love or hate.

    The Group Buy Will be running on the two sites but we can also take part. If it is going ahead I will post the price here and you can confirm orders at that time.

    In the meantime it would be handy to know what level of interest there is so if you are interested post here and let us know how many you are likely to want. You are not committed to buying that number it is just to give an idea of interest.

    It is also worth explaining about Group Buys. The idea is that if you are buying something that is likely to be of interest to people on the forum there can sometimes be a considerable saving in grouping the orders together. This has frequently worked on other forums. So far on this site we have had the Kelly Kettle and Tarp buys. On BushcraftUK i have ran a number of Group Buys and it is a good way of saving yourself an others money. Of course for the person running the buy the effort usually cancels out the saving they make but then they are likely to benefit when someone else organises a different buy.

    Anyway back on topic if you may be interested in a spork or two post here.

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    I'd be interested in a couple.

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    I'm not a big fan of the spork, so I'll sit this one out, but I'd whole-heartedly endorse the 'group buy' arrangement.

    To set against any doubts anyone may have, I've been in on a fair few of these over the last six months or so, and they have all been great.
    In fact, I've just ordered a couple of tarps today.

    I know MK and others work hard to get these group buys off the ground, which makes the deal even more impressive.

    I'm looking forward to more of these in the future.

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