had been asked to make a very lightweight underquilt for a guy in the US who is doing a super fast lightweight attempt of one of there long distance trails.

I decided to make two as I had enough material for both. The 1st is on its way to the US of A and the 2nd one is therefore here for sale.

This is made form the last of the blue pertex ripstop I have. The supplier can't get any more either. Which is a shame because it is great stuff to work with and use.

Pack size is the same as a small grapefruit.

This is a 3/4 quilt approx 157cm long and 100cm wide with 220g of 800+ fill goose down. It has three additional grosgrain loops added to both of the longer sides to help setup with an asymmetric hammock like a Hennessy. Total weight is just under 400g.

Price inc of postage = 55