This is from a week or so ago but just found the pix on my digi camera and realised I'd forgotten to post 'em!
I quite liked the Lake of Mentieth for an afternoon pootle about (I launched at the Eastern end, theres a car park from which easy loch access can be had a little further down the road from where the ferry leaves). The lake is small enough that you can have a quick fire round it without too much effort, an ideal location for a boxing day/new years day paddle I think! But there is also loads of interest on the Lake too. There's the Inchmahome priory with it's handily labelled ruins plus the little island behind it on which, hidden amongst the trees and brambles, is a little ruined castle.
It's also situated amongst some really nice Trossachs scenery, which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes:

Two old gentlemen are sat in the wood panelled study of a coutry house which is stuffed with hunting trophies, including the head of particularly impressively antlered stag.

Old boy 1: "I say old chap, that's a magnificent stag you've got up there!"

Old boy 2: "Yes, shot him myself you know, many years ago now."

Old boy 1: "Really? Well done, old boy. Did you get him in the Trossachs?"

Old boy 2: "No, I got him right between the eyes!"