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Thread: WARNING for canoe rental "Bolmåns Kanot & Fritid/Aagarden" in southern Sweden

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    Default WARNING for canoe rental "Bolmåns Kanot & Fritid/Aagarden" in southern Sweden

    Unfortunately, my first post to this great forum is a negative one, but by writing about my experience, I hope that fewer people will have to make a similar one.

    Last summer, I made a canoe trip together with three friends on the beautiful rivers Bolmån and Lagan in southern Sweden and we rented the canoes from Kjell Johannesson, the owner of "Bolmåns Kanot/Aagarden". Unfortunately, renting the canoes at "Bolmåns Kanot/Aagarden" turned out to become the worst experience any of us had on vacation.

    Kjell Johannesson was unfriendly and disorganised from the moment we met him, but things really escalated when we returned the canoes and he forgot to bring our deposit. He said, that it is our duty to remind him of the deposit and then he completely lost his temper. He verbally attacked and insulted us using such a threatening body language that we were shaking for fear of assault and one of us even started to cry.

    Shocked by this most unpleasant experience, we called the local police to press charges against Kjell Johannesson. However, the police said, that there is little hope to succeed, since he did not actually assault us. Kjell Johannesson is known to the local police as a very unfriendly person and according to them, complaints are being filed every year. Someone who had a similar experience wrote about it on the Swedish website rejta.

    If someone wants to make a trip on the rivers Bolmån and Lagan in southern Sweden (and I highly recommend to do so), then it would be wise to rent the equipment at one of the many other stations in the area.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for the heads up, sounds like he needs a THICK EAR!!!!!! Hope it's not put you off though.
    Happy Paddling


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    Really sorry to hear you had such a negative experience in Sweden!!

    Generally speaking I have always found the Swedish to be a polite race - a little like the english in many ways in as much as they keep themselves to themselves until you know them but thats not a bad thing!!

    Personally I can only recommend my own contacts for Swedish canoe hire as I have never had any dealings with the chap above - I am sure however everyone whose a members here who have met Preben Mortenson will argee he's a real gem! Scandinavian specialist in canoe, hunting, fishing and bushcraft

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    You gotta wonder about some people.
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    Hello everyone,

    My boyfriend and I are back from the South of Sweden since a couple of days and we had a very similar experience with Kjell from Bolmans Kanot, Agarden in Nöttja. Unfortunately we hadn't read the review posted here by Hannes. Kjell was already very disorganised and unclear in his e-mails and when we got there he was very unfriendly and had a very big idea of himself.

    Our goal was to paddle from the canoe centre in Nöttja to the sea (Mellbystrand). He told us that it was going to be hard in 5 days, but we did it anyway and it was absolutely wonderful. When we arrived at the sea we called him to let him know where we were and he said he could pick the canoe up in approximately 2,5 hours. He explained that we had to go back land-inwards until we saw a small path on the right side of the river, go up there and walk with the canoe until we saw an asfalt road. He would be there with his car. As his instructions were very chaotic from the beginning and every time we called he forgot who we were, we wanted to make sure we understood him correctly. We followed his instructions and when we thought we were where he had explained we had to be, we called him to let him know that we had arrived. He couldn't find us so we tried explaining with more details where we were. He got very mad and aggressive on the phone and hung up several times. Eventually, it became clear that we were on the wrong side of the river and when he finally arrived, he was furious. He couldn't stop yelling at us and insulting us, so naturally we left. On top of that, when we asked for our deposit (my boyfriend's driver's license), he said that it was still in the canoe centre. Evidently, we left. He yelled that he would send us the driver's license together with the bill for all of his driving around.

    I think he has a lot of customers so PLEASE, do not go here and warn as many people as possible...
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