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Thread: paddling a prelude

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    Default paddling a prelude

    Is there anybody got a review of this small canoe , had a shot of one feels like you would have to spend a great deal of time developing skills to make it move or is it just me .
    any information would be gratefull before I spend a 1000
    thanks Elfy

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    Default Not a first WW Canoe

    I had a prelude for several years.

    I loved it a lot but in the end I think it held me back. I don't think its a good first(or second) WW canoe. It is very committing. Very little initial stability.

    I did start getting better once I worked at it but I had to use it at least once a week. If I missed a couple of weeks, paddling other boats, I was terrible in it.

    I have since got an Ocoee, loads of primary stability. My paddling has come on a huge amount in the last 6 months. I had considered going back to kayaks but now I'm getting good in a canoe I'm happy.

    Some love preludes and some hate them. I loved mine but I think it hated me.

    You MUST try one first and if you do it must be on grade III if you can. Its not happy on flat water.

    Also try as many other boats as you can. That is the only way to get the right boat. Other peoples idea of paddling a canoe relates to their own skill and experience. This may not translate to how it will be when you paddle the same canoe.

    Soon after selling my prelude I met it again at the tryweryn coaching festival. The lad who now has it managed to convince me I made the right choice in selling it. He had as more trouble with it than I did.

    It is a good boat if you have kayaker friends. They sometimes fancy having ago. Even on flat water you can take bets on how many seconds its takes them to fall in.

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    I have no personal experience of paddling one, but lots of experience recueing a mate who swims most trips. And I consider him a good paddler.

    Preludes seem to either dishearten folk, or if they can stick with it, make them better paddlers.

    I'd suggest a good dry suit as being essential, and mates who can chuck a throwbag straight.
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