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    Default Hammock underquilts

    I have two identical 3/4 underquilts for sale. If you have ever used a hammock you'll know that you get a cold backside pretty quickly even when using a sleeping bag as the insulation is compressed and is useless. You can use a sleep mat, and hope that it stays in place during the night. This has additional issues if you use a hennessey hammock that is a bottom loader. If you have a two layer hammock you can of course keep your mat in between the two layers. My preferred sleeping option is a sleeping bag and a down underquilt as synthetic quilts are just two bulky. I use a TTTM Double parachute hammock. But my quilts will work well with the majority of hammocks inc Hennessey, ENO, Speers, Warbonnet, clarks, and any bridge or gathered end hammock design.

    So I decided to make my own and got carried away.

    Materials used are black ripstop nylon outer (with a silver coating inside. Black outside to help absorb heat and silver inside to reflect heat back into the down/body) and a green pertex microlight inner. This is soft to the skin if you want to use it as a blanket around camp and helps keep the pack size low. Sewn through construction and 100% non-rot polyester thread used throughout.

    Both are just under 160cm long and just under 107cm wide. This is the longer than the standard US 3/4 underquilt size. When I use mine (I'm 6ft 2) at full stretch just my ankles and feet are not covered. I use a stuff sack or fleece thrown down at the end of the hammock as additional insulation if needed. I have been out in mine down to -2 deg C with a RAb Quantum 250 bag (good down to 0 deg) and have been more than comfy and warm.

    Weight is 490g each with stuff sack. Each is filled with over 180g of 800+ fill of siberian goose down 60 worth (ie they are warm but compress and take up little room).

    Slightly compressed.

    The underquilt have bungee drawcords ends and grosgrain tabs in each corner so that it can be suspended below your hammock. Bungee is used so there is give in the system, the quilt stays snug against the hammock but doesn't over compress the down making the insulation useless. Different cord locks are used each end so that once your suspension system has been set up for your hammock head/foot ends can be quickly indentified.

    Cost is 90 each inclusive of special delivery and packing costs (7). Happy to accept paypal gift.

    More pics can be found here -

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    Nicely made. If I didn't already have an underblankets... Good luck with the sales.

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    I can confirm these are lovely bits of kit and very well made too.

    Looking forward to putting mine to use in a couple of weeks.

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    Thanks Shewie

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    One sold pending payment.

    One remaining.

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    Payment received.

    One underquilt left.

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    My 1st DIY underquilt is also for sale. Pertex 1.1 ripstop outer and Pertex ripstop microlight inner. This is a true 3/4 quilt. Approx 54" by 40". Over 180g of 800+ EU goose down. A few dodgy stitches here and there (cosmetic only). 60 posted. This is less than it cost to make it!

    Pack size

    Loads of room in bag. Weight is just under 420g with the stuff sack and bungee suspension kit.
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    Default Just Arrived

    Underquilt just arrived causing much puzzlement at work "but you camp in the winter...?"

    Looks great. Hope to get out and use it soon.

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    Glad it arrived safely.

    One quilt left as per the original post plus my proto-type (if you like ) quilt.

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    I'll take the other one, not the prototype


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    PM has been sent

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    Default reply

    Money sent via paypal

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    All SOLD. Many thanks

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