Esquif Paradigm

White Water Solo Boat

Length 3,29 m (10.8' )
Width 73,66 cm (29')
Depth 40,8 cm (16')
Rocker 12.7 cm (5') bow / 12.7 cm (5') stern
Weight 22 kg (49 lb)

What the makers say:

The Paradigm is a welcomed addition to the Esquif family. Designed by the renowned whitewater
paddler and instructor Bob Foote, this boat is ideal for the open boater who enjoys paddling a canoe with harder edges, whether it be on tight, technical rivers or big, Grand Canyon size whitewater.

The shallow arch hull in the front gives this boat itís speed and control, while the full volume ends keep it remarkably dry.

The flat mid-section, along with hard edges is great for planing, flat spins and carving. A great
combination when front surfing, paddling through large waves or when manoeuvering through rock gardens on small rivers.

Versatile and fast, the Paradigm is a boat that the novice paddler can grow into and the seasoned boater will appreciate and have fun with.