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    Default Esquif Nitro

    Esquif Nitro

    All-rounder White Water Solo Boat

    Length 3,5 m (11,6' )
    Width 69,8 cm (27 1/2')
    Depth 40,6 cm (16')
    Rocker 12,7 cm (5') bow / 15.2 cm (6') stern
    Weight 23,1 kg (51 lb)

    What the makers say:

    Dynamite ! The Nitro is a revolutionary departure from canoe design.

    It is the first Royalex white water canoe to incorporate a double chined hull. As a result of the needs expressed by paddlers, the Nitro was developed to be the best surfing open-canoe available for canoeists.

    By incorporating double chines the Nitro exhibits predictable edge control when side surfing or carving turns and is comfortable in transitions between initial and secondary stability. A deep hull in the center and towards the ends enhances buoyancy and dryness. Its design allows you to push your limits and enjoy the rivers full potential.

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    Has anyone paddled this, what are your thoughts as a canoe to get started and progress in? I have done a little one blade paddling and looking for a new challenge in white water. Would it be to aggressive for a novice in open canoe?

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    I have not paddled one but looking at it I would suggest its not for the novice. Although if your coming form a strong kayak background then it would be a lot of fun. Prepare to swim a lot in the beginning.

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    don't even think about starting paddling in this boat!

    It will keel over at the last minute as a result of the chines, if you can roll a boat it will be a pig to do so unless you CAN roll, then it will be a beauty!

    It is a white water boat pure and simple, being very similar to the Occoe. Once WW OC1 mastered it would bring a lot of pleasure.

    Look at something maybe a little more forgiving before committing to such a full on and rewarding boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juno2 View Post
    don't even think about starting paddling in this boat!
    That's odd, It's widely regarded as being one of the best beginner-intermediate Spec Boats about, a bit slow and wide, and suceptable to nasty wear on the double chine but a dependable starting point that you can grow with.
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    Usually I can predict the behavior of a WW OC-1 from the shape of its hull, but for the double chine designs I simply can't imagine how they would behave without trying one. Because of this uncertainty factor, I would put a novice in a MR Outrage or possibly a Bell Prodigy. But half an hour in a Nitro might change my mind.

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