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    Default Esquif Blast

    Esquif Blast

    Advanced White Water Tandem Boat

    Length 3,96 m (13' )
    Width 72,4 cm (28 1/2')
    Depth 40,6 cm (16')
    Rocker 15,2 cm (6') bow / 17.8 cm (7') stern
    Weight 24 kg (53 lb)

    What the makers say:

    A shock wave ! The Blast is the most radical wild water tandem canoe on the market. With a shape similar to the Nitro but longer, the Blast allows expert partners to negotiate the most extreme rapids, waterfalls, and enter the tiniest of eddy pools. The Blast does it all. It will change your way of tandem paddling. It has become the boat of choice for slalom paddlers.

    The Blast can be paddled solo too. Ideal for larger paddlers, or big volume rivers, the Blast remains a high-performance canoe.

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    The blast is the only boat of the family that can be brought up to reasonable speed - being long enough and sporting two paddlers. As such, it not only made the first OC2 descent of the Green River Gorge (including Gorilla and Sunshine) but also remains the most preferred WW OC2 as of 2012.. for people who really go at it.

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    A few photos (not of me!) of the Blast on the Green...


    -- Anthony

    "Better not to scout this one. If you do, you might not want to run it."

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    Long shot but anyone in the South East with a Blast that I might be able to demo? I remember seeing a group with one on the Medway at Yalding so assume there is at least one lurking around somewhere! Please pm if you know of one.

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