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Thread: Good trips near Lochgilphead

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    Default Good trips near Lochgilphead

    I'm going to be working in Lochgilphead for the next five weeks, and wanted to ask if anyone knows any good canoe trips in the area? I'll have a car, so will be able to travel a fair distance. I've read the Scottish Touring Guide and am planning to try the River Add and Crinan Canal. If anyone has any "local knowledge" of good white-water or shallow rivers for poling, or also if anyone feels like meeting up for a trip, it would be good to hear from you.
    The obviously "cool" trips I'd love to do near Lochgilphead would involve sea lochs, but I'm very cautious about tidal areas, especially at this time of year. Any tips on safe-ish tidal trips appreciated.


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    Loch Fyne is an excellent area for sailing diving and canoeing, its not usually very busy as most folk either head for the firth of Clyde or are heading out to the Western Isles through Crinan. With regard to the tides in the Loch there are no great suprises,I've dived there in most states of tide and can certainly paddle faster than I can swim, get some tide tables and go up from Lochgilphead on the flood (tide coming in) and back down on the ebb (tide going out), or if you want to go down the Loch reverse the above. Wind is usually from South West to West which will determine which direction you go in (upper Loch is a bit open to a South Westerly). If you get a strong Southerly or South Easterly you can go across to the other side of the peninsular and find somewhere sheltered. Finally in perfect weather (often more likely in winter rather than autumn) a trip to Gigha is well worth the effort (launch from the beach at Tayinloan) it's only 3 -4 miles offshore, but again you need to have flatish sea and a good forcast.
    I would say that Loch Fyne is one of the best streches of water for a first stab at sea canoeing, it's big at 41 miles long and has plenty of secluded areas, islands and towns along its length so you can almost always find something to do no matter what your interests are. Unfortunately I'm tied up for at least 4 of the next 5 weeks (offshore and Scouts) or I'd be down to keep you company.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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