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Thread: Gatz Tucan RX

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    Default Gatz Tucan RX

    Makers Spec

    Length: 466 cm
    Width: 90 cm
    Side height: 38 cm
    Bow height: 55 cm
    Weight: from 27,5 kg

    Makers Write Up

    TUCAN – A pure canoe design. Easy to paddle, its high initial stability results from a hull shape with a lightly rockered keel and relative flat bottom. This makes the TUCAN an ideal ROYALEX Canadian for beginners. As a result of its strong materials it will give you many years of pleasure. Its varied abilities make this canoe one of the most loved all-rounder Canadians made from Royalex. You can paddle it with 2 adults, kid and gear. The Tucan is available with 2 seats in various options and carrying yoke or with 3 seats. A spraycover is available with 2 or 3 cockpit holes.
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    Fifteen and a quarter feet, 35.5" wide, 60.5 pounds. Might be a nice 15 footer. Wish it were an inch narrower, but it should lean predictably for "Canadian" solo paddling. Since they describe it as close to flat bottomed, one might shorten the center thwart to narrow it and round the bottom a speck more for glide.

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