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Thread: Hammock Camping, by Ed Speer

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    Default Hammock Camping, by Ed Speer

    Got a copy of this book for a couple of quid from Amazon Marketplace, so thought I'd post a few thoughts in case others are interested.

    The first thing you should know is that Ed Speer is the man behind Speer Hammocks, and also the website, which promotes and sells this book.

    It comes as no surprise then that this book is full of (IMHO biased) references to Speer hammocks, and the Speer hammock camping system. However, if you can manage to ignore these or take with a pinch of salt, there is plenty of useful information to be had here (one caveat - there's very little here that can't already be found on the internet, e.g. at or Sgt Rocks hammock pages, though personally I rather like having this info readily to hand in a book).

    Chapters include: The Joy and Comfort of Hammock Camping, How to Stay Warm, Hammock Camping Safety, Making Your Own Hammock, and Buying a Hammock.

    I bought this book mainly for the chapter on making your own hammock, and was astounded at how simple the process appears to be. In actual fact, once you get used to the idea that the Speer design is basically just a rectangle of fabric with a knot in each end, you hardly need the book - the summary on this page is probably enough! (In the interests of science, I'm going to have a go at making Blutack's Ultimate Hammock, and will report back on the results in due course! ).

    In summary, a good reference book, but nothing much here you can't already find on the internet. Also too keen on plugging the author's own gear for my liking. If you're Ed Speer, feel free to log in and reply!!


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    Default Hammock Camping

    I've got this book as well and agree on your points. Ed's a super-nice guy, so I'll give him a pass on the self-promotion. He's really put alot of energy into getting hammocking going again in the states.

    Good info in one place. Could probably stand an update regarding all the stuff that's been put out recently (underquilts, tarps, etc) but overall still a solid effort.
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