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    Am fairly new to all this, and am looking to get some practice on grade 1/2 rivers. Preferably in wales. Any sugestions very welcome.

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    I'll take that as a no.

    Thanks for the help!

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    hey, hey, give us a chance!

    try looking at
    for Welsh rivers and gradings. Symonds Yat on the Wye can be a good place to practice but it is already getting a bit washed out. Jackfields on the Severn at Ironbridge likewise.

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    Upper Severn around Newtown/ Welshpool, always pretty reliable.
    Banwy, if there's water, sections of the Llugwy, Conwy, Dee....... there's loads really.

    Best bet is to follow the link on SSB's post, and if there's a specific river or section you fancy, post on here for more in depth advise.

    Just over the border, the Teme (Ludlow), and the Lugg are worth checking out.

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