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    Last Sunday we checked the canoe-friendly Waveney on the Norfolk - Suffolk Border, see

    We used the excellent guide provided on this web site

    We got in at Shotford Bridge which now has somewhere to park and a nice ramp to launch from... we had a following wind...

    We soon realised that this was not going to be an out and back trip, so we vaguely planned to find a town somewhere down stream and get a taxi back to the car...

    What luxury! A sign to tell you how and when to portage... Mary and I fell over several times trying to imitate the two guys on the sign... we never got the hang of it... luckily there was no ranger around...

    We were lucky enough to see several Norfolk moose... we crept up on them Ray Meares style and taught one how to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together in a very spiritual way. One of the moose said "Why don't you carry matches, you idiot?"... which I thought was unhelpful.

    Seriously though, folks, most of the river is clear and easy to paddle... we had to navigate a bit of weed and overhanging trees

    The rain started and we got very wet, in fact soaked to the skin... eventually we reached Bungay.

    Sunday afternoon Bungay is a bleak place in the rain. We had a small adventure there involving the town drunk, a kind landlord, a taxi driver with a passion for Iceland and a woman, soaked to the skin, with a rose in her hair, trying to light a fire by rubbing two canoe paddles together...

    Luckily for us, Mary and I both seem to enjoy these type of trips... as I once said to my mate Jamie, while nursing a broken canoe down a flooded river in OZ, as a dead cow floated past, "Not everyone enjoys this sort of thing"...
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