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Thread: One Sail Good, Two Sails Better

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    Default One Sail Good, Two Sails Better

    We've installed a mizzen... first trial today... not enough wind or time to test properly, but all went well... note the lee board thwart is attached with clamps from the hardware store... here are some details of how the Pacific Action sails are rigged...

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    That looks good.

    I was wondering how you'd set that mizzen up for trim, but now having looked properly at the picture now ... I can see what you've done. I tend to rely quite heavily on the shockcord on my PA sail (but that might just be bad sailing habit).

    It'd be interested in hearing how this works out in stronger airs.

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    Default Stronger Airs

    We've had her out without the mizzen in very strong breezes... she is surprisingly stiff... and much less lee helm than you might expect...I guess if you sit low down, half the weight is below the water line... and the leeboard is a good size for a small light guess is that she will be well behaved even with the mizzen...

    i've been more concerned with the forces of the lee board and the sails on the structure of the canoe... I put small block on the lee board thwart against the outside edge of the gunwhale to counteract the shearing effect of the lee board from left to right... the canoe seems to handle the loads perfectly well...

    We'll see how she goes... I have to admit about fantasising about a third sail, rigged in the centre of the canoe... maybe the middle size PA sail as a foresail and the bigger one in the middle...

    The sails are so well behaved and easy to rig and furl... with the right sheets and pulleys it might be possible for one person to control all the sails from the middle of the boat... you can actually furl the mizzen simply by pulling the sail down with the sheets against the elastic cords...

    Hopefully we'll get some good wind this weekend...



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