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    Default sweden and finland

    i know there was a link below about sweden but i thought i'd start a new one up here as it was getting long!!
    does anyone know of good paddling venues in either of these countries. both a bit of ww fun and long enough trips to stay out for a couple of weeks? are they cheap to get to? would anyone be interested in a small trip out there during the summer holidays next year.

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    I have done quite a bit of coaching out in Finland, mostly in North Karelia, on the Jongunjoki and Lieksanjoki. Both great open boat venues. Finland is relatively flat so there's very few raging grade 4 paddling, except in Lapland - I've never been that far North. But lots of grade 2 stuff and very canoe friendly, where in Britain could you stop for camp in a wilderness area and find a well stocked woodshed, log cabin and sauna???? It's pretty cheap to get there, Ryan Air fly into Tampere, then it's fairly straightforward to outfit kit. I've never looked into driving there, I guess it's a long way! Although I do have a Finnish friend who has driven here so it's not that unfeasable. Cost of living is about the same as here, so no need to take much in the way of provisions.
    I have contacts of guides and outfitters in Karelia, Saimaa (superb lake paddling), and around Helsinki. As I said, I've been working out there for the past 3 years and so now have contacts with Finnish BCU coaches, with fantastic wilderness skills and very good English
    If you want more details drop me a pm or email.

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    might be worth looking at HERE or HERE if you havent seen them already Simes - Finland looks pretty good but its hard to find info in English
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