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    I would like to book on a white water safety and rescue course specifically tailored for where we learn to effectively rescue not only ourselves but also our open boats!!

    These are difficult courses to find for open boats. At the moment the limiting factor is numbers in order for a course to be run. If you are at all interested please let me know. At present I know of three people (including myself) who want to book a course. For any instructor to be interested we'll need at least two more, preferably three.

    I am currently in contact with a coach who is willing to run one for 100 per head for a weekend long course in N Wales, 11/12th Nov 06.

    Anyone who does white water or intends to, would benefit a great deal from this kind of coaching, especially if you love to play but worry about losing your boat! Besides the weekend would be lots and lots of fun

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    I've just been on a Whitewater Safety and Rescue course that I booked for our club and I thoroughly recommend everyone who paddles rivers to go on one. We were able to do a combined course for kayaks and canoes as we have both in our club and everyone came away feeling better to have taken part.

    A party of kayakers from our club are going to Scotland to paddle at the end of October so I arranged this beforehand to sharpen them up a bit.

    Both Vampire Duck and Peterkm were with me in open canoes and its fair to say we all learned so much from it that we would consider repeating it every other year just to keep it fresh in our minds.

    And you are right Rose, it is lots and lots of fun
    Big Al.

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