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    I wonder how many of us discovered our love and respect for the outdoors by having been a boy scout or girl guide...

    I found this on the Scout web site

    An amazing publication... maybe someone involved in Scouting now could give us an explanation of how it is used in Scouting...

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    Default Scouts' National Directory of Waters

    The Scout Association (SA) (note that "Boy" was dropped in the UK in the 60s, and girls, and women, are part of the movement at all ages) publishes the directory to accompany the authorisation scheme for Water Activities.

    A Scout paddling authorisation consists of a number of elements; principally the type of water (classified in the Directory) and the number of 'young people' who can be supervised. Having 3* and a first aid certificate will generally, if you are otherwise considered appropriate as a leader, get you authorised to take a group of 2 open boats, tandem on waters classified as B1 in the directory, and with nearby support.

    As a little more background, the SA authorises adults to lead members, on adventurous activities on a non-commercial basis according to assessed abilities and experience. The criteria generally mirror National Governing Body (NGB) standards, but there is no requirement to undergo formal training, or an NGB assessment. Without an NGB award, however, an assessment of technical abilities will generally be made - the assessor will also expect evidence of leadership/supervisory skills.

    The better one's assessed abilities (or higher BCU award, in this case) the higher the classification of water on which one will be authorised to take youth members. You will see that some water changes its classification according to the season.

    So the directory is a great resource for Scout authorised people so that we know whether we can take Scouts down a particular river, or on a given Loch, lake, etc.

    For non-Scout people, I guess it could give an indication of the general nature of an area of water.

    Note that it does not contain any implication of access rights, and if it says that boating is banned, that is a SA policy, but may not have any further meaning (as a parallel, we must get special permission to camp in Invernessshire, but that clearly does no apply to non-Scout events!).


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    On a personal note I find the directory invaluble when taking my scouts to areas I don't know. This led us down the Lower Bann (B1) this summer

    On the downside I have found that there can be a variation in the standards according to county, West Sussex for example refuse to give any waters C classification (where you don't need an authorisation).

    BTW here is the rough guide to who can get what level, although it also depends on the individual's ability and experience. Of course you don't have to be a leader to get an authorisation so if you want to give a new generation a "love and respect for the outdoors", help out.

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    Can't see anything similar on the girl guiding website, though you can't find anything useful there .

    But the manual has a list of gradings and the qualifications required for each class of water ( guess what it is a different grading system than the Scouts ) You are then given a comparison with the scout system though there is a bit of overlap.

    Looking at it though you need to be a level 1 coach to take guides ( and yes they are all girls) out canoeing on anything other than the local boating pond, but once your up to level three, a multi day trip down the Dee should be possible.

    Thanks for the link I think I'll use it , What the local water activities advisor doesn't know won't worry her.
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