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Thread: Wanted Ford Mondeo Roofbars

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    Default Wanted Ford Mondeo Roofbars

    Wanted, Ford Mondeo roofbars, to fit a 2001 5 door hatch with fixing points. Due to these blasted fixing points is hwy I can't just swap over my old Thule set.

    Speaking of which Thule 1297 roof bars (I think) for sale full set 6 months old they were for a Renult Megane (now crashed!!!) but will fit a range of cars. For specific Thule model numbers so you can look up if it fits your car get in touch. 50.


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    I have some of the clamp on type if they are any good,they were fitted to my mondeo and before that I had them on a renault clio,
    25 will buy them but they will have to be collected

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