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    Default Evergreen - Discontinued / Other

    Please add any reviews for older (or brand new) models not covered elsewhere for this manufacturer.

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    Default Vomo 15'

    I found this little canoe tucked away in a furthest and darkest little corner of the storage of my favourite canoe shop and was given a price about equal to many RX-canoes so I thought “that might be fun” and bought it after a nice and long test paddle. Having paddled about every possible kind of water with it I’ve become very found of its handling and abilities.

    It’s a rather low and wide design with high and re-curved bows and very soft bilges, it’s sides are flared or straight without any tumblehome, it’s rather flat in the bottom and has only little rocker and a fairly deep keel so it has all the marks of a laker but I’ve found it still very useful on rivers and creeks too. It’s actually surprisingly fast too for a 15 ft canoe, I’ve kept up with the touring kayaks paddling solo and many tandem-paddlers have a hard time keeping up with me.

    It’s equally good tandem as it is solo thou it may be a little low for comfort for use as a tandem on rivers. Because of the flair in the sides it has proven to be a very dry ride on rivers and windy and wave-swept lakes alike despite it being only 12,5” deep in the middle. I’ve paddled some pretty big lakes in it at 4 to 5 bft winds and never felt uncomfortable even with waves from the side or the rear (quartering).

    The keel was a point of dislike at first but it has proved to be very practical. Manoeuvrability is not affected by it but its very effective stopping side-slipping, not so practical if you want to side-slip it as you’ll best lean the canoe for that, but very nice on a lake with a good side wind for it makes the canoe so much easier to control in those conditions. A second and even more important advantage of having the keel is that it protects the bottom from rocks and landings on gravel beaches, I manage to have the keel stripped bare of any varnish in a year but the hull stays unscratched.

    I’ve hit many a rock and have been over way to shallow drops in rivers and it did leave it’s marks on the hull but nothing serious and it has proven to be easily a strong enough build for whatever you want to use it for. All scratches where easy repaired with some epoxy and varnish so it looks like new again after last fall’s maintenance work. If you’d want less work, use it on deeper water as I do.

    It likes to be paddled in classic Canadian style and I even free-style it without a problem, with these styles you’ll lean the keel out of the water anyway. To understand why I love this little canoe so much I think you’ll need to paddle one of those traditional canoes once. They feel so stiff and stable while being absolutely silent thru the water and paddle like they where a leaf on the water.

    The Vpmo is still made but now called the Heirloom but I don’t know if they are exactly the same, the current Heirloom’s seem to be made in a different specification in woods used but still looks pretty much the same model to me.

    You can have these in 12, 15 and 16 ft and have the outside of the hull finished with traditional Canvas, more modern Dacron like fabric they call Verolite or clear-glassed with epoxy. I have the last option myself en while it may not be very traditional, it makes for a nice and light canoe that’s easy to maintain and sturdy enough for daily use in all kind of circumstances and I think it just looks just great. Mine is made from Cedar for skin and ribs, Ash for the whales (inner and outer) and the keel, Mahogany for the decks and seats and Cherry for the yoke.
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    What a beautiful canoe. You`re a very lucky guy to have a find like that.
    The older you get, the older you get, the older you get. Damn! Where was I?........ Where`s my glasses? Who the hell are you?

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    Default evergreen sunburst

    A superb canoe. 14.6 ft with about 3.5 to 4 inches of rocker. Very manouverable, with solid secondary stability. Easy to paddle solo on moving water to grade 3, possibly 4 if you've got the skill. Can be used tandem, the high sides and flared ends keep you dry. Mine came with no seats so can fit out how you want. Aguile alpine are making some neat kneeling saddles which can be moved about, so solo and tandem usage is made easy. They also have a great way of making longer seat bolts to lower kneeling thwarts or seats, 7 or 8 inches is possible. highly recomended if you mostly paddle rivers, bit of a handfull solo in the wind, ok tandem as the extra weight puts the ends in. I love mine.

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    I thought I'd add a few pictures of this rare sighting ...

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