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    Default Esquif - Discontinued / Other

    Please add any reviews for older (or brand new) models not covered elsewhere for this manufacturer.

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    Default Esquif Pocket Canyon


    Construction: royalex
    Length: 4.42m (14'5)
    Width: 87.6cm (34.5")
    Depth: 40.6cm (16)
    Shape: Shallow Arc
    Rocker: 10.2cm (10.2") bow 10.2cm (4") stern
    Gunwale: vinyl
    Colors: blue
    Weight: 26.8kg (59lbs)
    Seats: Webbed seats
    Standard: Countoured yoke and thwart

    Makers Write Up

    This compact, playful tandem canoe is ideally
    suited for short whitewater canoe trips that do not demand the length and cargo
    capacity of a larger (and heavier) tripping canoe. The Pocket Canyon also
    performs as well as many dedicated whitewater canoes used for day trips. This
    allows the canoe to serve double duty as both whitewater playboat, and
    technical river runner.

    The Pocket Canyon's flared hull maintans a dry ride even in large choppy waves
    and the rockered ends, with a progressive chine, provides a stable carving edge
    ideal for catching eddies. Fast, stable and manoeuverable, the Pocket Canyon
    has all the performance features you'll need to tackle exciting day river
    features, whether out for the day or on brief wilderness get away.

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    Default Esquif Pocket Canyon

    We purchased our Pocket Canyon last october to be used as a day boat for paddling white water tandem.
    Prior to purchasing the "Pocket" we tried his big brother the "Canyon" but felt that it was too big and heavy for our purpose.
    Each time we paddle, we like it even beter. It is certainly a fun day boat for white water, turns easily and keeps us dry.
    Prior to this boat, we paddled white water in a Mad River Freedom (tandem model) which was also good fun but certainly a wetter boat.
    In the autumn we intend to make a trip on the Spey and will see how it performs as a trekking boat. Squeezing in the camping equipment might be a problem.

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