Could you add the Mohawk XL13 to the canoe reviews section? Details are:

Makers Spec

Length: 13'3,
Beam at gunwale: 30", Beam at 4" waterline: 29.5"
Approx. weight: 56 lbs. (Royalex)

Makers Writeup

The Mohawk XL 13 canoe is a Mohawk classic. Super stable and forgiving, the Mohawk XL-13 is known for being a great beginner canoe, or a roomy canoe for big paddlers. The Mohawk XL-13 is used by schools and liveries alike because of the fact it is so user-friendly. The Mohawk XL-13's 3" of rocker make it track better than some of the newer, more rockered designs.
The Mohawk XL-13 - Classic Canoeing defined.