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Thread: Gumoptex Baraka

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    Default Gumoptex Baraka

    Information to follow.

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    Default Gumotex BARAKA

    Gumotex BARAKA

    410cm Length
    105cm Width
    31cm Side tube Diameter
    3 Air chambers
    Packed dimensions (cm) 70 × 43 × 30 (yeah right)
    Weight (kg) 23 Max Load (kg) 35
    Max. number of person(s) 02+1
    Colors available 13/11A (Green/Grey),4B/11A (Blue/Grey),5A/11A (Red/Grey)

    Boat equipment:
    Self-bailing bottom with a rolling closure
    Adjustable non-slip seats
    Thigh straps with a safety clasp
    Binding rope in the bow and stern
    Elastic net in the bow and stern to store your small items
    Many fixtures for the baggage
    Inflatable thwart as the seat
    Safety rope
    Heavy-duty carrying handles in the bow and stern
    Elastic loops with a ball to fix the pump
    Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
    Transport drybag 100 l
    Material: Nitrilon®

    Manufacturers blurb.
    The self-bailing canoe BARAKA is an ideal boat for river traveling and for moderate white water. The extra compact hull has excellent riding characteristics that will be appreciated by the passengers especially when riding rapids. The Baraka boat provides the passengers with unbeatably manifold equipment and especially a big storage space. Baraka is designed for two passengers plus one child, resp. 350 kg load. The Baraka is the right choice for paddlers who are not willing to accept any compromises.

    More to follow....

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    Default Gumoptex Baraka

    Hi all new on here but looking for a bit now just got a Baraka not been in it yet but will post when i have.

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    Default Welcome

    Hi RLD,
    Nice to see another owner of a Baraka on here, I was beginning to worry that I was the only one....
    Cheers Simon

    Gumotex Baraka

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    Hi yes just got it last week reason it is big enough to do some trips in and it can be packed away i have two Land Rover a130 defender and a Disco 3 and i am only 5ft 4" they are a long way up so to put a hard canoe up there if i am on my own would be hard to to so to me the best option.

    hope to be using it soon have not done much paddling for a long time way back in the 60 had a go in Poland a few year ago now and ever since t said i would get one

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    Default Baraka

    Hi both,

    I'm also looking at this interesting canoe, would either of you mind sharing your thoughts on the boat?


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    i got it late in the seson and have used it twice but on flat water well two canals ealy i do like it and this year hope to put it to good use not tried on my own yet with two up and quite new to this type of canoe take a bit of getting used to to keep it in a straight line but after a bit of practice yet its not bad as i say this year will find out

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    any one else got one or similar

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    I have a baraka complete with an outboard adapter the allows the use of a small outboard motor through the drain sleeve. I haven’t used it yet but know that a Honda bf2.3hp fits well. Any body out there used one of these?

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    Thats interesting was thinking on that way my self not had much chance to go it been to busy on other things but this summer will try to get out in it .

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