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    Hi All,

    I canoe & kayak quite a bit on the Essex & Suffolk coast but for some reason have never ventured much inland apart from going up the Deben a little from Felixstowe.

    I'm interested in exploring the Deben a little more, but have a couple of questions. Firstly, a generic question about rivers... what are the rules for canoing on rivers? Am I allowed to go anywhere I want? Am I allowed to put in anywhere I want - would I have to pay for example if I launched of a slipway?

    Second question is - where are the best places to put in along the river? Obviously need somewhere you can park close by? I assume places like Waldringfield/Woodbridge are good - but are there specific spots that are good?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Lots of questions to answer and you will attract a lot of info relating to this, of that I am sure!

    However I will restrict myself to say that one of the more active Open Canoe clubs operate on the Deben, the Suffolk Open Canoe Group.

    Many of their members are also members on here.

    I commend you to Jester who is a worthy of the club, PM him and he will give you dates etc when they meet, usually on a Tuesday I believe and put in is at Woodbridge!

    Also speak with Big Rich, a coach with the Ipswich canoe club.

    look at the meetings section of the Forum under east Anglia, or E A again, we post many trips on there, you are welcome to join us!

    And finally, join the BCU, the fee includes as a part of it a licence for many waterways, including the Broads!

    Welcome to the forum and look forwards to paddling with you soon.

    Alan L.

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    Hi there.

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, will have to keep my eye on your next east anglian get together, would enjoy meeting up with some other members.

    I've never joined a club as of yet because I've normally just done solo runs around the coast - used to live in Cornwall which has so much coast you can't explore it all!

    Reason I put the post on was I happened to be walking over the Wilford Bridge today and happend to see a canoe going past - ressurected my interest in takling rivers a bit more.


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    Default Deben Put ins

    Woodbridge end-use ramp by eversons boatyard over the level crossing-further up launch from the beach at Waldringfield and leave your car in the far right corner of the Car Park behind the Maybush.
    Felixstowe Ferry and on the other side Bawdsey are both easy-or possibly the Ramsholt Arms the land is private so i suppose it would only be fair if you had a pint there!
    All depends on the tide it can get a bit muddy at woodbridge at low water as a rough guide 3 miles woodbridge to waldringfield 3 miles to Ramsholt and 3 miles to F Ferry-happy paddling
    Anglian paddler

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    The Deben is tidal so there are no restrictions on paddling it. You just have to be carefull at the mouth of the river at Felixstowe Ferry as there can be very fast tides here. Same applies to other local tidal rivers i.e. Orwell, tidal Stour, Alde, Ore, Blyth, i.e no restrictions. Paddling around the dock areas can be a bit dodgy and you may get a visit from the harbour master! I think the only restriction on any tidal river is landing near any wildilfe reserves etc., or marinas.

    Inland rivers are different matter as the landowner is deemed to own the riverbed and therefore you need their permission to paddle the water as it passes over their land. That's probably a rubbish explanation. But locally you do not have the right of navigation to paddle the Gipping although we do ocassionally paddle Claydon to Ipswich outside of the fishing season. The inland Stour is a classic river but technically you need an Environment Agency licence to paddle it - if you are a BCU member this covers you. Up the road is the Waveney which has a negotiated access agreement on most of the inland stretch from Brockdish. The BCU website is a good source of info about rivers and who to contact if you need any advice about them.

    Although you may not like clubs they normally know the local rivers and can give you advice on them.

    The Suffolk Open Canoe Group is not run like a club so no committee, no membership and none of the usual bureaucracy associated with a club. It's a group of like minded open boaters who meet on the Deben on a Tuesday and have the ocasionally paddle on a weekend. I'm sure you would be welcome but suggest you PM Jester for more info as Alan suggested as he is closer involved with them than me.

    I ocassionally paddle with the Suffolk Open Canoe Group and the OCA but mainly paddle with Ipswich Canoe Club and now with a group of East Anglian SOTP'ers.

    I'm happy to extend the invite of any trips I run to fellow local open boaters.

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    ps - re slipways. Normally they are privately owned but normally you don't get any objections if there is just a small group of canoeists using them and you don't get in the way. I onced asked in advance for permission to use a slipway at Shotley, the yacht club secretary nearly collapsed in shock that someone had actually thought of asking permission.

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    Thanks Richard.

    A very comprehensive reply. As I said, quite new to trips on the river so was never to sure of the rules. Thanks for the info.

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