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Thread: Under sail through red Devon: Being the log of the voyage of 'Sandpiper.

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    Default Under sail through red Devon: Being the log of the voyage of 'Sandpiper.

    I've already mentioned this in a couple of threads, but the recent SW canoe sailing posts have put me in mind of it again, and I think it deserves a thread of it's own now.

    It's titled:

    'Under sail through red Devon: Being the log of the voyage of 'Sandpiper', by Raymond Cattell. First published in 1937.

    I read it as a lad, years ago, way before I paddled, and because there was such an intimacy with the landscape I know so well (as I did then) I immediately loved it.

    It's written in a way which is engaging, and conversational, it's not a challenging read. There are some anecdotal asides which can easily be skipped, but the help to understand the time and place in which the trips took place.

    It also helps that he's got a nice, gently random approach too his trips too, (err, very similar in principle to mine as it turned out, although I could never have seen that coming at the time of course... ).

    The book details his trips up, and then later, down the Devon coast and estuaries in a kinda decked sailing canoe, 'Sandpiper'.

    He starts his log from Torbay, and initially travels up as far as Lyme Regis.

    The second trip is, again from Torbay, but she comes to rest in Plymouth at the end of that trip.

    It's not a book about fantastic adventure, there are no great themes raised about the human condition, no tales of endurance, or of exploration, et cetera - it's simply a fondly written, warm snapshot of the South Devon coast and countryside, and well worth hunting down for that.

    I seem to think that there was a reprint in the mid-1980's too, so that increases the changes of finding a copy somewhere.

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    That looks like a great book, going to have to get this!

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    Default Under sail thro' Red Devon

    I have a copy of this 1st edition, & a copy of Under sail thro' red Devon & Dartmoor, 1985 pb, which is a very abridged version of the 1st ed. Email me if interested. Dennis.

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    That looks like a Klepper folding kayak to me. (Though there were other makes of folding kayak around interwar, that I suppose it might have been.) Sounds like an interesting book.

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