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Thread: Tidal river Earn

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    Here is a nice paddle our club has done with a very short ferry by car or bus trip between. Pick a day where the tide in the river Tay estuary turns in the afternoon and a good spring tide. You can catch the tide going out from Bridge of Earn or above and get to the Tay to catch the tide back up to Perth. With the recent equinoxal big tides you can get a big push up either river. The Forth Pilot gives you the info as does our local paper. In the spirit of adventure I will omit the exact time the tide turns as this is often wrong depending on how much rain there has been. The Earn is good for kingfishers and marsh harriers. If you get to the mouth of the Earn at low water you may see the dugout canoes that the archaologists are trying to preserve.

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    Do you have any pictures you could post up for us, SG ?

    I like tidal rivers, so sight of other peoples is always welcome.

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    Excellent trip idea. Never thought about using the ebb and flood for two rivers.


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