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Thread: interested dagger interlude: need help picking the right one for me.

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    Default interested dagger interlude: need help picking the right one for me.

    Hi everyone! I am interested in a canoe, particularly the dagger interlude 16'6". I know nothing about the dimensions other than the length as previously stated. Can anyone tell me some more specific dimensions? Such as the width, if it has any tumble home to the hull, Height of starboard, stern and midsection. What curvature is there on the starboard and stern and I might have the wrong terminology so....please excuse me if this is the case.

    I would like to find a canoe that I can use for fishing and am wondering if the dagger interlude would be good for this purpose. Is there anyone who can help me out there? I would really like a canoe that would be best for all purpose, fishing and hunting activities. Though I do not want a canoe that is as wide as a tub or that has the drag of a tub either. So if anyone can shed some light on this I would really appreciate it, especially Carlos who owns the dagger interlude which has has several pictures posted of.


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    Thumbs up Welcome

    Hi and a warm welcome to the forum, sorry not in a position to help with your questions, but for sure someone will be along shortly to help you, in the meantime Welcome and soon to be Happy PaddlingRegards Bill
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    Hi Marty and a warm welcome

    You will find us a friendly and helpful bunch, and I'm sure someone will be able to help you with you question

    happy paddling


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    Welcome. Can't help with information on the interlude but am sure you will get answers here, although perhaps a thread outside the introductions section might get a bigger response.

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    Hi Marty,
    I saw an old thread asking about the Interlude. I hope that you found a boat that suited your needs. I used to paddle an Interlude having bought it for a centre. It was by far my favourite boat but not a good boat for standing up and fishing from. It had high freeboard, a flare to each end, fantastic secondary stability, but very tippy if you stood in the ends. The Prospector is more of an all round boat.

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